The Claydon Estate

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Visiting Claydon House

The Claydon Estate has been the home of the Verney family since 1620. The Estate has a proud tradition of looking after the land, wildlife, property, its employees and latterly visitors. The Verney family is keen to encourage visitors to Claydon where they are ensured a warm welcome to enjoy the Estate and its surroundings.

The Estate as you see it today was originally laid out in the 1700s and successive generations have sought to maintain its features in a traditional way meaning that they remain largely unaltered, although modern uses have been established.

On your visit to Claydon there is much to keep you occupied, including the impressive gardens and mansion house, as well as the range of shops in the Courtyard. When it’s time to stop and relax you can visit the Tea Room or shops within the courtyard.

Claydon House and Gardens now open Saturday-Wednesday each week.

Claydon Estate Facebook:  For up to date information, promotions and gardening tips.

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